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MP Metal-Plastic Multilayer Pipe Production Equipment

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Construction with up to 3 layers composed of:

  • Metal layer in Copper – Steel or Aluminium
  • Glue layer for perfect bonding
  • Outer pipe with different resins including cross linked Polyethylene

Some assets about multilayer Metal-Plastic Pipe production lines from THE:

  • Very even layer distribution
  • High production speed
  • Laser welding for thin wall liners down to 0.08 mm thickness
  • TIG welding for thicker products
  • Equipment for continuous production including TIG and Laser cross welder
  • Strip calibration for optimum welding
  • Very compact layout of the line

Universal Pipe Forming- Welding and Annealing Equipment

On the T.H.E. high performance forming systems, designed with a dedicated highly sophisticated software for a scientific tool calculation, it is possible to produce a wide range of multi layer pipes in the range from 10 to 110 mm diameter with wall thicknesses from 0.07 mm to 1.2 mm and wall thickness/diameter ratios up to 500.

Thanks to individually optimised roll forming tools the forming process is absolutely stable, therefore modern diode pumped lasers can be used for efficient welding. Changing the dimensions on the welding machine needs only a few minutes due to individually set and adjusted roll forming tools.

Laser or TIG

For heavier thicknesses: 0.15 mm and above, the TIG welding system can alo be available.
This solution is financially interesting in case of thick pipes, but the regularity of the welding seam could be much better and nicer when welded with laser for thinner wall thicknesses.
Also it depends a lot on the metal strip material type and its quality.

The best would be to discuss the matter with one of our specialists from the sales staff.
For that you can send us an e-mail to "info(at)" or use our Contact page.

Why Composite pipe?

The main reasons to combine both types of materials are:
For originally metal pipes:
  • to reduce the quantity of metal to save money (for example for copper (Cu) pipes used in sanitary installations)
  • to add a protective layer
  • to add an thermic insulation layer
  • to add a phonic insulation layer
  • ... 
For originally plastic pipes:
  • to add stiffness to a plastic pipe, and make it easily bendable (form/shape retention)
  • to add a barrier layer
  • for better long-term stability
  • ... 

Pipe Forming- Welding Lines LSL 40 - LSL 65 :

  (with optional annealing) 

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Technical data   LSL 040 LSL 065 Unit
 Tube Diameter min 10 12 mm
max 40 65 mm
 Tape Thickness min 0.07 1) 0.1 1) mm
max 1.5 1) 1.5 1) mm
 Forming ratio standard  3)   15 to 200  
    below  15  4)   option  
    above 200  4)   option  
 Stop-and-Go Automatic   option  
 Tape width min 20 35 mm
  max 150 225 mm
 Tape materials standard   Aliminium, Steel, stainless steel  
 Tape materials optional  2)   Copper, Nickel, Cr/Ni, Cr/Ni/Mo, Titan, Copper clad
surface coated copper or steel
 Edge cutting   standard  
 Edge winding   standard  
 Edge chopping   optional  
 Laser Power   1 kW up to 4kW 5) 1 kW up to 6kW 5)  
 Annealing equipment   optional 5)  
 Down strean equipment   for coils or bars for bars  
 Geared Speed   60 40 m/min
 Typical production speeds   12 x 0.07mm = 30 m/min
20 x 0.1mm = 25 m/min
16 x 0.2mm = 50 m/min
25 x 0.4mm = 16 m/min
40 x 0.6mm = 10 m/min

1) in function of the material,   2) to be analysed,  3) ratio between tube diameter and wall thickness,   
4) depending on tape thickness, material and production speed,   5) specs. according to production specifications   

Notice: The values presented in the above table or in the linked datasheet are typical values and are not to be interpreted as product specifications

You can also find some information about our Metal pipes forming and welding production lines under the following  LINK

or you can download the corresponding leaflets here:
  Download PDF brochure about LSL_012 Thin wall metal
Download PDF brochure about Laser and TIG welding lines

For other dimensions or specific application requests, please contact our sales staff via our Contact page.