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Optical ground wire


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OPGW production line

THE Machines Yvonand SA proposes efficient solutions in OPGW production. Please contact us for more informations.

OPGW cable

Technical data   LSL 012 Unit
 Tube Diameter min -- 3) mm
max 12 mm
 Tape Thickness min 0.05 1) mm
max 0.8 1) mm
 Forming Standard 3)   15 to 200 2)  
 Tape width max 50 mm
min 6 mm
 Tape materials standard   Aliminium, Steel, Stainless steel  
 Tape materials optional 3)   Copper, Nickel, Cr/Ni, Cr/Ni/Mo, Titan, Copper clad
or surface coated materials
 Edge cutting   optional  
 Edge winding or chopping   optional  
 Laser Power   1 kW up to 4kW 5)  
 Spool winding max. 1250 mm
 Geared Speed   40 m/min.
 Typical production speeds   ø2 mm SST x 0.15 mm     >>>  30
ø3 mm SST x 0.20 mm   >>>  20 
Nb of single fibres   1 x 12 to 4 x 12  
Nb of single bundled fibres   8 (8x12)4)  
Jelly filled   standard  
Powder filled   optional  
Over-length control (EFL)   standard  

1) Depending material specification,  2) ratio between tube diameter and wall thickness,  3) to be analysed,  
4) Fibres bundled off-line,  5) specs. according to production specifications   

Notice: The values presented in the above table or in the linked datasheet are typical values and are not to be interpreted as product specifications

OPGW tube with optical fibers

Layout example :

OPGW Layout

Cable/OPGW equipments

Cable/OPGW equipments

Cable / Fiber Optic / OPGW production line

Typical FO cables
Most of the equipments needed on our production lines
have been designed by our staff of engineers (mechanical, electrical & software) and after being assembled in our premices, are tested by our process engineers during the line setup and validation phase.

Almost all these equipments can also be delivered separately as stand alone devices.
The integration of these equipments in existing lines can be offered too, but should be first well defined and discussed with our technical/sales staff.

Please take contact with THE Machines Yvonand SA for more information on our available solutions. (> contact us <)

Typical Machines for Fiber Optic cable production :
Tight coating lines    Ribbon line
Typical FO cables   Ribbon line
Typical OPGW cables
OPGW Line equipments :
OPGW Line equipments
Overlength generator   OPGW 12x-Reel Pay-Off
Duct and micro-duct Line equipments :
TCM075DS_Rotative extrusion head   Typical Duct products