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Cable ducts with spirals and identification wire

Rotating cross head

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Production of cable ducts with inner spirals

The cross head is designed for 2 layers co-extrusion and stripe marking. The outer layer distributor is suitable for HDPE, the inner layer for Silicon lubricated PE.
The crosshead is completely assembled on a heavy duty steel frame.
The front head with the extrusion tooling is driven by means of an AC motor through a chain transmission.
The unit is connected to a electrical cabinet, equipped with a temperature regulation, AC motor drive, speed potentiometer and on/off push buttons. The drive can be synchronised with the extrusion line.

Cable duct with spirals

Crosshead type TCM 075DDS - Technical data:

Tube diameter   25 - 50 mm Rotating cross head
Wall thickness   2.8 - 3.6 mm
Tube material   HDPE
Line axis   1000 mm
Reference layout   on request
Colour   RAL 5023 for frame
Melt flow max (main extruder)   500 Kg/h
Temperature regulation   3 zones
AC Motor   4 kW