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Who we are
THE Machines Yvonand SA is a dynamic company in constant expansion.
We build machines and complete production lines for our customers worldwide. We have a very good know-how and excellent technical expertise in the following areas:
  • Irrigation pipes production lines with flat dripper 
  • Irrigation pipes production lines with cylindrical drippers
  • Drip Tape irrigation pipes production lines
  • Equipment for multilayer pipes production (composite pipes)
  • Precision forming and welding of thin wall metal pipes
  • Laser cutting and welding of coated and uncoated metal tapes
  • Specific machinery for the plastic pipes and cable industry

Our wide experience gained over the years supports us to help also customers with specific demands, like by solving difficult situations and providing adequate and tailor-made solutions.
We are also very keen on developping new concepts, and optimizing existing solutions, for the benefit of our customers who can then dispose of periodic upgrades and retrofit possibilities.

TOP Thin Wall irrigation pipe production lines

We are specialists in high speed production of thin wall irrigation pipes. While maintaining an optimal quality, we increased the production speed up to threefold compared to older generations. We consider ourselves as a world leader in this area.

Customer satisfaction

Our mission is to provide total customer satisfaction through the timely delivery of quality products and services at a competitive cost. We achieve these objectives through the creation of a stable, cooperative and harmonious work environment. We are committed to providing excellent contract manufacturing services to our customers.