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In the 80s, called THE Thomas Électronique, the company was active in the development and production of electronic boards, prototypes and small series of tailor-made machines.
Its main line of business was industry of cables and tubes.

During its expansion, the company changed its name while its activities of machines production were increasing. Under the name THE Thomas Machines SA, the first complete high speed production line for irrigation pipes was carried out in Couvet (Switzerland).

The powerful electronic systems, Laser technology and networking equipment are key elements in addition to the excellent mechanical quality of the lines.

The company took a major step forward for the productivity of irrigation pipes lines. While maintaining an optimal quality, we increased the production speed up to threefold compared to older generations. We consider ourselves as a world leader in this area.

Facing the increasing pace of production and the multiplication of its customers around the world, the company moved into the industrial zone of Yvonand. It benefits of a tight relation to the micro electronic and mechanics industries which are located in the same area.

The company diversifies its activities, particularly in the areas of production equipment for multi-layer tubes, forming and welding of thin wall metal tubes, as well as Laser cutting and welding of metal tapes.

In 2009, now known as THE Machines Yvonand SA, the company enjoys an excellent reputation and several patents on technological developments. It provides high efficiency equipments to many customers around the world.